MrMr have a damn good time. As a rosterless production company we collaborate with freelance directors, develop original content, work directly with artists and musicians, and service jobs for non-UK companies. We are also freelance producers, available to make your dreams a reality.

Based in London but highly experienced in bidding and shooting globally.

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Harry Styles

Late Night Talking
  • DirectorBradley&Pablo
  • Production Company Prettybird
  • ProducerMrMr


  • DirectorKatie Lambert
  • Production Company MrMr
  • ProducerLucy Bradley

Wet Leg

Ur Mum
  • DirectorLava La Rue
  • Production Company MrMr
  • ProducerPoppy Ashton

Sam Smith

Love Me More
  • DirectorLuke Monaghan
  • Production Company Shore Works
  • ProducerMrMr

The Weeknd

  • DirectorMatilda Finn
  • Production Company Stink Films
  • ProducerMrMr


Won't Stand Down
  • DirectorJared Hogan
  • Production Company MrMr
  • ProducerSavvas Stravrou

The Howl and the Hum

Thumbs Up
  • DirectorMatthew Thorne
  • Production Company MrMr
  • ProducerMrMr


Bring on Amazing
  • DirectorNick Roney
  • Production Company Antidote
  • ProducerMrMr